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Back to the PanzerfÀuste past

Trow infantry sketches
Trow infantry ideas big fangs

Here are some more ideas for PanzerfĂ€uste that haven’t made it into miniature form (yet!). These are Trow, their equipment is based on the Swedish army of WWII. There is some Black Metal traditional Trow facepaint too.

I gave them big fangs after I sketched the whole double page and thought they were lacking something. Then I remembered my well-thumbed copy of Heroes for Wargames and a particular Asgard miniatures troll sculpted by ace sculptor Nick Bibby which I always liked. He had downward tusks/fangs; so I added them and they worked.

You can see him here if you’re interested: https://wheretheseapoursout.blogspot.com/2020/04/book-review-heroes-for-wargames-by.html and I think he’s available for US residents from here: https://thevikingforge.net/

PanzerfÀuste Trow infantry

And here is my final pencil drawing, after I’d asked whether or not Trow had tails (they do).

It was a large drawing; two A3 pages together. There’s loads of period-specific details with a Viking/Swedish/Troll twist. And the carved stone heads (top left)depict a famous Trow bard quartet.

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More PanzerfÀuste Mountain Trolls!

Mountain Troll Commander

Here’s some more colour sketches of PanzerfĂ€uste Mountain Trolls. We have a Commander with a badge of a Iku-Turso or Tursas on his wool hat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iku-Turso_(creature)

Mountain Troll Lotta SvÀrd and Shaman

Next we have a Lotta SvÀrd (Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotta_Sv%C3%A4rd) and a Shaman with his ceremonial drum with a Troll rune pattern.

Mountrain Troll (Vuoritroll) Command

And here is the final miniatures concept page. The Lotta SvĂ€rd’s sword is loosely based on a famous Finnish iron age sword belonging to a noble woman. I invented all the runes at the top too! I really enjoyed drawing these three, I’d hoped to see them in 3D form some time but that wasn’t to be.

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PanzerfÀuste Mountain Troll Anti-tank Team

Here are some more sketches of unsculpted PanzerfĂ€uste Miniatures – These were Vuoritroll (based on the Finnish fighters of WWII) anti tank-team with their traditional weapons for taking out armour – logs and fuel drum molotov cocktails.

Various historo-fantasy games including PanzerfÀuste can be found here:


And Steve Blease, PanzerfÀuste mastermind, owner of Wessex Games can be found here:


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Happy New Year!

Fantasy Christmas Comic page 8
Fantasy Christmas Comic page 8

Happy New Year everyone who takes a look at this website! There has not been any activity here for ages, that doesn’t mean I’ve not been working. A lot of my creation is concept art for Crooked Dice Games’ Colony 87 game which is still in its early days.

Though I did finish the next page of my Fantasy Christmas Comic. Here, the adventurers who acquired miss-sold magic items have followed the creator of these objects; a Liche Zann-Tarr the Undying, to his mountain lair in the far North. They defeated his Moon Troll and his undead minions and are chasing him as he flees.

This was created from a physical pencil layout, scanned in and inked, coloured and lettered in Clip Studio.

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Sunken World tavern scene pencils and watercolour

At the end of a sketchbook I usually draw an full page sketch and colour it, even if it’s only a light wash. My last sketchbook I decided to create the Sunken World tavern scene I’d been planning for a while. On my facebook page I’ve enhanced it with some digital painting layers which you can see by clicking on the link to the right

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Happy New Year!

Here’s a new page (page 7) of my 10-page Christmas comic I hadn’t had time to finish from a while back. This page I pencilled, then inked on paper and painted the art in Clip/Manga Studio.

As I’d drawn and scanned all pages in pencils, written the story with all it’s amusing (to me anyway!) festive references myself I felt it needed finishing off. It’s less painterly than the first few pages, but they took longer to create (in Painter).

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Sunken World tavern sketches continued

When I’m reaching the end of a sketchbook (not my work ones, I have separate sketchbooks for them) I like to have a full page image to finish it off. I’ll add things to it over time if the idea isn’t fully formed or there are a load of characters. Here, getting near to the end of this on I was thinking about the tavern idea are some more possible patrons.
One the right side I’m refining my ideas for a smaller race for the Sunken World. I haven’t named them as yet, but here’s a bit of background: They used to spend their lives in forests, with dwellings built on platforms between the trees or hanging on the side of larger trees but after the destruction of the larger forests caused by the Tempest Storm (when the Thulhids invaded from another dimension a century or so ago) they’ve had to adapt to a more nomadic life, often ending up working onboard ships. As smaller creatures they have to band together so I imagine one would hire a whole extended family group. As smaller, arboreal mammalian creatures they probably had to use poisons to hunt in forests, maybe they’ve still got the reputation for using such things.
More soon!

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Sunken World Ichthyss Elite and tavern scene sketches

Here I’m refining the design of the Icthyss elite guard and the crustaceans their armour is made from.

I’d been thinking about drawing a Sunken World Tavern scene for ages, it’s a Fantasy clichĂ© but that’s fine, I liked the idea. Alongside a sneak peak at some special weapons for the Icthyss Shore Raiders there’s a cast of characters I’ve inked in.

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Sunken World sketchbook pages Icthyss Elite and Sea Ranger

Here are a few sketches from my A6 sketchbook which I use when travelling by train or bus. The first are ideas I had for my Icthyss (fish-man) elite body guards and executioners. Their armour
is made from crustaceans that have been thaumaturgically-modified to be tougher (by their Thulhid masters). I realise they are literally lobster-tailed pot helmets but I like that!
Lobster-tailed pot helmet on Wikipedia
The weapons are fearsome two handed bladed weapons (similarly created from mutant sea creatures) vaguely like the one the Ottoman executioner wields in Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988).
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen on Wikipedia
More on these creatures soon!

Next I’ve got an idea for a scarecrow miniature to lead a unit of zombies or skeletons, doodles of a wizard’s familiar (sort of a gecko/newt creature) and on the opposite page are some sketches of a Sunken World character, my Sea Ranger character I was working on. (Sea ranger sketches)

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