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More PanzerfÀuste Mountain Trolls!

Mountain Troll Commander

Here’s some more colour sketches of PanzerfĂ€uste Mountain Trolls. We have a Commander with a badge of a Iku-Turso or Tursas on his wool hat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iku-Turso_(creature)

Mountain Troll Lotta SvÀrd and Shaman

Next we have a Lotta SvÀrd (Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotta_Sv%C3%A4rd) and a Shaman with his ceremonial drum with a Troll rune pattern.

Mountrain Troll (Vuoritroll) Command

And here is the final miniatures concept page. The Lotta SvĂ€rd’s sword is loosely based on a famous Finnish iron age sword belonging to a noble woman. I invented all the runes at the top too! I really enjoyed drawing these three, I’d hoped to see them in 3D form some time but that wasn’t to be.

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PanzerfÀuste Mountain Troll Anti-tank Team

Here are some more sketches of unsculpted PanzerfĂ€uste Miniatures – These were Vuoritroll (based on the Finnish fighters of WWII) anti tank-team with their traditional weapons for taking out armour – logs and fuel drum molotov cocktails.

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