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Fantasy & Science Fiction illustrator and artist
I have a degree in Graphic Design:Illustration from the University of Plymouth and I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2006.

My life drawings and paintings have been exhibited regularly at local galleries since the year 2000.

I welcome commissions.  If you would like to commission me please contact:

will at willbeck dot com

Clients include:

Hysterical Games – PanzerfĂ€uste
Lead concept artist on Hysterical Games’ ‘PanzerfĂ€uste’ miniatures wargame.
PanzerfĂ€uste – Mechanised Warfare in A Mythical Realm
Hysterical Games homepage:
Hysterical Games

Colony 87
Provided concept drawings for a Kickstarter for a range of  Science Fiction wargames or roleplaying games miniatures with a retro feel. First wave was successfully funded within days.
Sci-fi miniatures with a retro aesthetic

ImagineFX magazine

YakTribe website

The Underhive website (now defunct)

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