Will Beck biography/contact

Fantasy & Science Fiction illustrator and artist
I have a degree in Graphic Design:Illustration from the University of Plymouth and I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2006.

My life drawings and paintings have been exhibited regularly at local galleries since the year 2000.

I welcome commissions.  If you would like to commission me please contact:

will at willbeck dot com

Clients include:

Hysterical Games – Panzerfäuste
Lead concept artist on Hysterical Games’ ‘Panzerfäuste’ miniatures wargame.
Panzerfäuste – Mechanised Warfare in A Mythical Realm
Hysterical Games homepage:
Hysterical Games

Colony 87
Provided concept drawings for a Kickstarter for a range of  Science Fiction wargames or roleplaying games miniatures with a retro feel. First wave was successfully funded within days.
Sci-fi miniatures with a retro aesthetic

ImagineFX magazine

YakTribe website

The Underhive website (now defunct)

8 thoughts on “Will Beck biography/contact”

  1. My name is Jeremy Unitt, and I am currently in the process of writing a science fiction/fantasy novel series in desperate need of an illustrator. At the moment, I am only looking for interested artists, and if you are, please send an email with your rates or post on the Facebook page so we can talk.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, looking for an artist to draw up a Norse themed tattoo sleeve for me, let me know if your interested, thanks.

  3. Hiya mate it’s Neil from uni, lived with you and Nolino in Belmont Rd, hope all is well dude! Keep in touch with James. Your art stuff s great mate!! x

  4. You are the man ! Love your drawings, you’re a great inspiration. I’m going to start carrying a sketchbook around with me again and get out my colored pencils !

    Good job !

  5. I found out about you via colony 87, I was really impressed by your sketchbook work, looks awesome.

    I’m interested in something similar. Potentially I would like to commission you to do sketch book work that we can use for social media interest posts amongst other things.

    Would love to chat more and get in contact.


    John Burrell
    Future Chronicles

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