Dregs tanks sketches and Main Battle Tank

This is another Miniatures Concept project that I was commissioned for earlier this year. It’s for a range of Science Fiction 6mm miniatures produced by Microworld Games for epic scale fights. I was to produce some concept drawings for the various units for the Dregs, the mutant beast-men. I was given a brief description and some images to start with so I based my initial sketches on these to get a flavour of the units.

This first image was of the Dreg’s Main Battle Tank. It had to look functional but also brutal so I had a look at British Chieftan tanks as they have a distinctive silhouette along with some other directions from the brief (including a G.I. Joe tank!). The spikes, trophies and extra armour were all added by the Beastkin Raiders themselves. I imagined them riding the tanks to battle, eager to leap off into the melee.

They’re not available yet, hopefully will be soon, here’s a link to the website:
Microworld Games
More images tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Dregs tanks sketches and Main Battle Tank”

  1. Really loving those sketches! 😀
    Also nice to know that you also do concepts for Microword Games.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what do you use for the colouring in your sketches?

    1. Thanks Christian! Just your usual watercolour pencils; Faber-Castell for better quality stuff or cheapo ones for the sketchbooks.

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