Happy Hallowe’en!

A link from my Facebook page (do go look and like if you haven’t already, apologies if you have!) These are my previous doodles of my ‘Niche Comics monster’ along with various other ideas I was working on. The first was a very rough sketch of an idea I had last year for a Hallowe’en version of the character (designed by Glen Stone) for the logo of the comic shop here in Huntingdon. This has become the main source of my Mike Mignola related comics too.

Here’s a brief bit of my history with Mike Mignola’s astounding creations. It was way back in the late 1990’s when I was in Antwerp on an Erasmus scholarship and in the Mekanik Strip Comic Shop (which I thoroughly recommend a visit to, if you’re ever in Antwerp Mekanik Strip) with some Belgian Illustration students who were tolerating my English awkwardness. One of whom (he had a single dreadlock but I can’t remember his name) said; “Buy this, the artwork is beautiful” about an issue of Wake The Devil. And ever since that day (thanks to that good fellow) I’ve been totally hooked and eagerly buy any comic Mike Mignola has been involved with.

I’ve never attempted an illustration of someone else’s comic-book character before (I’ve sketched them but never got further) so I was quite daunted by this, especially as it was someone as famous as Mike Mignola. After I’d got into it I really enjoyed the process, though it made me even more in awe of his work (and his colourist Dave Stewart too). As I’ve been recently learning how to use the program this was done entirely with Manga Studio.

This is fan art, Hellboy copyright Mike Mignola 2016.

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