Hysterical Games’ PanzerfĂ€uste

I’ve been working hard on a commission from Hysterical Games over the last year; drawing concepts for their fantasy World War 2 miniatures wargame ‘PanzerfĂ€uste’. Their Kickstarter project has gone live and surpassed its initial goal! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this project. Here’s a link to the Kickstarter page:
PanzerfĂ€uste – Mechanised Warfare in A Mythical Realm

As part of this ongoing commission I created Wojtek the Bear, a character I based on the actual bear named Wojtek by Polish troops who adopted him in World War 2 Wikipedia entry for Wojtek (bear), carrying a MG08-15 machine gun. Wojtek is a helpful bear used by the Troglodytes in the PanzerfÀuste world to carry things and to fight the Dwarves.

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