More life drawings.

Life drawing in pastels on pastel paper,

No posts for the last few months as I’ve had to move town (from Huntingdon up to Newark-on-Trent) so I’ve had to leave my life drawing group of the last 25-ish years.

Farewell ‘Pencil Squeezers’ which eventually became part of The Buckden Life Drawing Group when Huntingdonshire Regional College got run down and sold off. I’ll miss the artistic discipline (an hour and three quarters of concentration – trying to capture what a living person looks like), followed by some lively chat down the pub with all my friends from the group. Many thanks to all the models over the years too.

To celebrate this time I’ve added some more recent drawings to this website, (not the most recent, I’ve yet to photograph them, I’ll tell you when that’s done). You can see them by clicking on ‘Figure Studies’ on the top.

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