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Demon Mage-Lord

A brief diversion back to my Demon designs. Here is the Mage-Lord demon himself (leader of the army featured in my Ghaan-og the Berserker one-page comic) with his centaur-demon bodyguards in the background. The Mage-Lord has multiple arms for casting multiple spells on the battlefield.

The demon spirits he’s summoning from the globe on top of staff came from a combination of ideas (they were blue originally but my brother said they didn’t stand out enough):
Firstly these critters on the right page:

The demon witches on the left are servants of the Demon Prophetess, from my earlier post:

And also the colours came from the invisible monster in an old weekly ImagineFX challenge on the theme of ‘invisibility’:

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Silas Alberec Captain of the Exorcists 3rd Company

Here’s my picture I produced for a Graphic Illustrator job at Forge World (I didn’t get it but did receive some very useful positive feedback). It’s from the Badab War (Book 2) by Alan Bligh and depicts Silas Alberec surveying the battlefield.  I based him on my what I imagined an ogre-sized heroic space marine superhuman would look like!  He’s taller than even an Imperial Space Marine would be; vaguely like a steroid-pumped Max von Sydow as Father Merrin in The Exorcist movie.

The ‘Orison of the Broken Tower’ symbol on his tilt shield I created from scratch based on the Tower Tarot Card and all the warding sigils and symbols were based on masonic symbols and hexagrams modified by me. There wasn’t space on my image for the cod-latin exorcisms that I had planned for his face.

All quotes are from Alan Bligh’s description of him in the back of the Badab War Book 2.

Copyright Games Workshop. Used with permission.

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Greater Daemon of Nurgle

I’ve been very busy this last couple of months so haven’t had chance to update my website/blog. Here’s an old image I drew a few years back of a Great Unclean One; a plague-ridden, maggot-infested, bloated Greater Daemon from Games Workshop’s Warhammer Worlds.

Great Unclean One

No digital work here; simply inks and watercolours.

This is fan art and not intended any way to infringe Games Workshop’s copyright.

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