More Retro 1990’s cartoon characters

This is my final batch of 1990’s nostalgia, starting with this lively coloured page of daftness. First we’ve got more tubby jumper wearing middle-aged dude shooting fireballs from his eyes, Odin getting his credit card refused by the smug-faced character, a blue dog with a trumpet and some dip pen ink/Quink experiments on the next page. Vertigo’s House of Secrets’ Rain Harper can be seen at the top right. Rain Harper

More of a scene here though still a sketchy one, a policeman character and a possible scene with onion-head. Dip pen and rapidograph inks, though I think the dip pen is better here.

The next pages are me sketching some deliberately crummy mafia gangsters and some scrappy storyboarding.

More storyboarding on the next page also the debut of Shitefighter 7XA3D.

And the last pages of this sketchbook feature a full colour cartoon in dip pen, coloured inks, Quink and bleach; it’s a fight between Masonic Cop Ninja vs Onion-headed guy.

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