Tiki mask

To celebrate the extra day of holiday (due to some sort of royal event) I travelled to my friends’ (Andy and Naomi) house for an Hawaiian party. We had a great time and drank a lot!

I’d been challenged by my friend Mark to create a Tiki mask for this occasion. So using Dan Reeder’s paper maché techniques in his Paper Maché MONSTERS book I set about creating one. It had to be light (I would be carrying it on the train through London) so I didn’t use any cloth maché.
Here’s the construction using masking tape, blue packaging foam, cardboard, paper maché and elephant tape and with plastic balls for eyes. (Thanks to my brother for tape dispensing and structural integrity help!) Painted with acrylics.
Tiki mask construction
And here’s a photo at the party:
Tiki gods
Instagram photo by Colin Twyman.

I remember The Simple Screamer and Heroes for Wargames books being my favorite borrows from Scunthorpe Central Library many years ago.

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