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Steampunk Green Knight

A steampunk version of The Green Knight whom Sir Gawain faces (twice).  I have portrayed him in his guise as Sir Bernilak de Hautdesert (who always goes hunting whilst his wife tempts Sir Gawain) and also in his Green Knight form.  I imagined him cranking himself up on plant-stuff into a steampunk cross between Bane and Swamp Thing. This gives him superior regenerative abilities, green skin and thorns, vine-like muscles and he doesn’t need to go to war in a gas-mask given the power of the green goo.   This comes with the price of being addicted to the goo and also being in thrall to Morgana Le Fay who developed this technology.

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Planar Alchemist gear

I’m working on a few things right now (not paid work alas!);  one of which is a composition involving various monsters and a Planar Alchemist.  Here are a couple of pages (A5 and A3) of designs for the archaic re-breather and dimensional-hopping devices.  The device is partly based on the Antikythera mechanism; as an historical example of an ancient computer.


Here are the larger drawings:

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