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Science Fiction sketches and drawings

Science Fiction Xeno-archaeologist ideas

Currently I’m having a bit of trouble uploading images to my website but I managed to get this one; a page from last year’s sketchbook showing some ideas I had for a Xeno-archeologist exploring dead alien civilisations in a gothic SF world.

I imagined her to be a cross between Indiana Jones and Adèle Blanc-Sec (Adèle Blanc-Sec) more than Lara Croft. To help her she has hired a psyker to detect psychic traces of lost civilisations or artifacts, an ogre-like breed of human as a bodyguard and porter. She has also hired a mercenary human and an extra-terrestrial guide and carries her treasured finds in a stasis-vault with suspensors and a pop-up auto-turret laser.

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Colony 87 Returns!

Colony 87 returns! The kickstarter here:
(Return to Colony 87 – 28mm sci-fi civilians)
This was funded within hours and the miniatures have been sculpted by the excellent miniature sculptor Mike Anderson.
These are concept drawings for the second wave of Science Fiction civilians for Colony 87 miniatures:

These are some of my initial sketchbook pages for this commission.
The first was a SF Recordist, a scientific type to accompany a noble or other advisor recording everything (smells, sights, Electromagnetics, as well as sound). Jon Boyce (my client) suggested I look at a tank crew head gear and Gaff’s (Edward James Olmos) hat in Bladerunner. I also wanted him to have a different body shape, so I based his size on the movie Dune’s Piter De Vries (Brad Dourif) combined with the Hannibal Chew (James Hong) from Bladerunner’s hat. A stenographer’s typewriter provided a retro look for his personal computer.

For the mechanic I had the idea basing her on Firefly/Serenity’s Kaylee(Jewel Staite) as a starting point and the welder/junker started out based on a photo of a Japanese industrial worker.

The Advisor was meant to be a power-behind-the throne character so I examined various fantasy and SF advisors – the tall hat was a reference to Turkish historical viziers and also to the sinister fellows that follow Emperor Palpatine in The Return of The Jedi.

Jon Boyce had a very specific idea for the Priestess so essentially I recreated his small drawing and the Planetary Botanist was an idea that had been requested by several people in the first wave. The broad-brimmed hat was a nod to Moebius’s drawing of Planetologist Kyne for Alexandro Jodorowsky’s Dune project. I thought he might have had some injuries examining alien plants so a bionic hand seemed appropriate.

My previous post: Colony 87

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Colony 87

A commission I had last year to draw concepts for a Science Fiction 28mm miniatures range Kickstarter has been funded within a few hours!


Here are some of the sketches (an amphibian-alien trader, human trader, a pair of nobles with a freakish pet and a porter with a some sort of servo-yoke). The designs were influenced by, amongst many other things, Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner (1982) costumes by Michael Kaplan and Charles Knode and the nobles costumes in the David Lynch Dune movie (1984) by Bob Ringwood. I tried a gothic-arch hat from Russian history for the female noble though we settled on a simple cowl.

These have been sculpted by the talented miniature designer Mike Anderson.

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SF Special Ops Infiltrator

When starting an illustration that requires more invention than simply reference material I like to do a model sheet with the costume and equipment the character has. Here is my initial design for a futuristic spy (in stealth armour) and her equipment (sniper rifle, mini-robots, shotgun and pistol). You may recognise her from previous SF sketches.

Here’s the finished image:

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SF Colony Cops 1

At the moment one of the things I’m doing (apart from Steampunk King Arthur, my comic and a few ideas for my blog) is continuing with some SF stuff. These are early ideas from my sketchbook for some future colony police (thanks to my brother for that one!). I’m trying to get a coherent look and feel for them, though they’re more practical not too dissimilar from police forces around the world right now; so I need to inject a bit more futurism.

I’ve been looking at the science fiction police from Ghost In The Shell, Appleseed, Patlabor, the security forces in Brink, the police in Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, American football helmets, paintball masks, and futuristic motorcycle helmets. I intend to create designs for the robots, detectives and space army too, we’ll see how it goes!

SF colonial cops 1

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SF team ideas

Continuing the Science Fiction theme; are some of my early ideas for a group of SF characters (I think I first put these online on my ImagineFX sketchbook page).
(The doodles on the left are ideas for a rebels army for WH40K I was working on and some habitat buildings.)
SF team ideas 2
Here we have a shotgun-toting woman, a scarred veteran warrior and a robot (like Wallbanger in 2000AD’s Bad Company). On the other side we have a sniper (with bionic eyes) and a detective or investigator. I didn’t have more than a vague notion for what their purpose was so I left the idea for a while.
SF team ideas 2

Now in 2009 I wanted to return to these characters (adding a friendly mutant) and refining their shapes. Again they lacked a cohesive sense of purpose so again they got shelved.
SF team ideas 3
SF team ideas 4

I’m working on the new versions, with a more fixed idea of what they are, at the moment.

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Ideas for alien designs

Here are some sketches of aliens (and a doodle of a Fungi from Yuggoth) from way back in 2005. There is a point to me showing them now; I shall explain in later posts!

Alien sketches

Here is an alternative alien idea for Inquisitor or similar Science Fiction game. A kind of holy warrior with a plasma gun.

Beaked Alien design

And finally is a centaur-like alien who lives on a rocky planet or moon(hence his armoured shell) with high light radiation from it’s Sun and a relatively thin atmosphere. He (it?) has evolved to eat sillicates and get nutrients from them and has two sets of eyes for seeing in the dark and the bright sunlight.

Centauroid alien

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SF Vampires and Inquistor Ravenor

Here are some ideas I had in late 2007. I was sketching some ideas for Science Fiction vampires (which did feature in Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader) and had a go at drawing Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor in his force chair; I’ve added digital paint to this part of the page.

I really like Dan Abnett’s Warhammer 40,000 fiction so I thought I’d try and interpret this character. Thinking about how Ravenor is disabled and has to use people from afar reminded me of Ironside. A supremely powerful psychic gun-toting Ironside mind you.

I didn’t use this sketchbook much after this, it didn’t have enough texture for my liking.

SF Vampires and Inquistor Ravenor

All Warhammer 40,000 stuff copyright GW etc.

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Happy New Year!

Now while I redesign this blog a little and finish off my demon based comic strip I’m putting some previously unseen work that I recovered from my archives (mountains of paper and piles of sketchbooks).

OK some more old designs for Games Workshop’s Necrons, these are from about 2004 I think. I should date these things. Again I was a little disappointed with the un-alien nature of the C’Tan beings and was attempting to inject some more weirdness. I don’t think they quite worked so I shelved the idea.

Necron ideas 3

Necron ideas 4

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