More Sunken World non-humans

Here are two bounty hunter or mercenary characters I’ve been drawing on an off for years and I decided they’d fit nicely into the Sunken World environment. On the left is a race I’m currently calling Raktos; spikey-headed people with a sinister reputation for sorcery which is sometimes justified. The other is an Yrdin; a troglodytic race whose cavernous dwellings were flooded when the world was inundated with water from the invading Thulhids.

You can see my thought process from my earlier page where I’m doodling these old characters. I don’t think I’ll use the armadillo men this time but I may get back to the red goblins.

Updated 2012 with names derived from Jeremy Unitt’s ideas!

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Demon Designs 3

Here’s my idea for the Demon cavalry; rather than having demonic knights(I may design some later, reading that does sound cool!) I thought they should use centaur-like Demons.
I had to keep the image away from Games Workshop Dragon-Ogres and Zoats, and Blizzard’s Pit Lords or Diablo 3’s Siegebreaker Assault Beasts. So I had a look at the Terror Dogs from Ghostbusters, crossed them with alligators/crocodiles and with an image in my head of a huge monstrous beast charging into the lines of shiny-armoured, spear-wielding humans I think I got there!

This was done straight onto the computer again in Painter X.
Centaur demon

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Demon Designs 2

More demon designs, this time drawn directly onto the computer (I usually start with a physical sketch). These are the foot-soldiers; enthusiastic cannon fodder for the demon legions. All the troops start their existence as a larval demon (the correct rituals, feeding and sacrifices create different troop types).

My brother had the idea for the demon spawn; failed, malformed demons from who usually get eaten or very occasionally adopted as mascots. Somewhat like the wormy creatures that emerged from The Trapdoor (an old UK TV stop-motion cartoon show, have a look if you’ve not heard of it!).
Soldier demon designs

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Sunken World non-human races

Here are some ideas I’ve been working on for non-human races living in my Sunken World. (Apart from the giant manatee-like Tritons and the fish-men and Thulids.)

First we have a red gollum-like goblinoid. I’m not quite sure about these guys yet, they’ll need a bit of work before I’m happy with them. I think maybe as well as the horns on the top of their heads they could have extravagant hairstyles depending on their affiliations (scribes, messengers or technologists).

And then I have a humanoid pangolin or armadillo like race. These are based on ideas I did for a Warcraft 3 race which I animated in 3DSMax 4 many moons ago. I liked them and wanted to put them into one of my fantasy worlds.

Finally is a djinn or demonic fellow. I wanted to draw a different kind of race than your usual elves and dwarves (not that I mind them) and this guy seemed to fit. I’m not sure about his head (looks a bit too much like a Githyanki). I like the skull, very much like Zanbar Bone from Fighting Fantasy City Of Thieves (a great cover by Iain McCaig). The second version has a face based on a jade votive axe head from Mexico (a postcard of which I have from the British Museum).

Sunken World non-human races ideas

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