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Steampunk pictures from my sketchbook.

Bas-Lag and fantasy Wild West sketches

Well it’s been a few months since I posted anything on my website/blog; I’ve loads of mini-projects on the go that become huge undertakings without a deadline! Here are some examples of several of these from a few years back.

On the left are some characters I was having difficulty placing in a world so I was trying them out in a fantasy Wild West setting. On the right hand side is a Cactus Man from China Miéville’s Bas-Lag world. I’m a fan of China Miéville’s novels, (though I haven’t read them all) and I thought it would be fun to try and depict a Cactus Man from Perdido St. Station. I always liked the Symbolist movement and Odilon Redon’s work Cactus Man is a classic example of his slightly creepy and surreal drawings so I tried to incorporate a sense of that into my sketch.

The next pages follow on, more experiments with a fantasy Wild West theme, a Wyrman. See here for a list of China Miéville’s Bas-Lag creations and some high-fantasy characters I was working on.

I returned to the ideas again in my next sketchbook, I might have been reading The Scar at the time – this time I was considering a New Crobuzon scene with various lowlifes (a fat criminal boss, his bouncer and hired thaumaturge, that sort of thing). On the opposite page are more doodles of Vodyanoi (frog-men from Russian folklore) who are another race in Bas-Lag. There’s also an idea for a Gundam/Starcraft type exo-suit in the middle.

China Miéville’s ideas are all copyright him, this is just fan art and in no way intended to breach copyright.

Steampunk Sir Mordred and Queen Morgana

Another digitally-painted page from my Steampunk King Arthur series. Here is the rebel knight Sir Mordred (bastard child of King Arthur and his sister, Morgana) and some portraits of other knights that have attached themselves to Mordred’s rebellion. On the right is Queen Morgana la Fay herself; a scientist specialising in chemical weapons (which she drops onto the enemy from her zeppelin).
I wanted the rebels to be a little darker in feel to Arthur’s forces; so I exaggerated this with an asymmetrical haircut and spiky shoulder plate for Sir Mordred. His helmet homages the film Excalibur and Queen Morgana has a deliberate Maria the robot (from Metropolis) reference and also the shiny breastplate that Helen Mirren wore in Excalibur.

Steampunk Sir Mordred and Queen Morgana

Steampunk Merlin and Nimue

Here are my digitally painted Steampunk versions of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, Nimue. I’ve imagined them to be scientists; where in the myths they’re magicians and sorceresses. So Merlin is a time-travelling and time-viewing Dr. Tesla type and Nimue is a scientist specializing in regenerative technologies working in her submarine, like Captain Nemo in The Nautilus. Excalibur, a giant steam-sword (its blade heated by a complex steam engine) shows she’s capable of weapon-making.

Steampunk Merlin and Nimue

Steampunk King Arthur

(I’ve finished the first panel of my demon comic but it needs to be seen as part of a whole page!)

This is one of the drawings I did for the Steampunk Myths competition as apart of my Steampunk King Arthur project.
I’ve painted over and under the original drawing to make it stand out more. Here I hadn’t yet thought of what Excalibur was going to be; you can see the final design on the drawings of Merlin and Nimue which I’ve started colouring in.

Steampunk King Arthur

Steampunk Green Knight

A steampunk version of The Green Knight whom Sir Gawain faces (twice).  I have portrayed him in his guise as Sir Bernilak de Hautdesert (who always goes hunting whilst his wife tempts Sir Gawain) and also in his Green Knight form.  I imagined him cranking himself up on plant-stuff into a steampunk cross between Bane and Swamp Thing. This gives him superior regenerative abilities, green skin and thorns, vine-like muscles and he doesn’t need to go to war in a gas-mask given the power of the green goo.   This comes with the price of being addicted to the goo and also being in thrall to Morgana Le Fay who developed this technology.

Steampunk Sir Gawain

This a sketchbook page that I have finished to a higher standard than I normally do. It’s from my ongoing Steampunk King Arthur series that I started when I entered the Steampunk Myths competition at CG Society a couple of years ago. I realised I’d created far more than I needed to for the competition and I wanted to develop the ideas I’d come up with.

This one is Sir Gawain, the nephew of King Arthur before he rides off on his Charger to face the Green Knight. I have designed the belt given to him by the Green Knight’s wife before he faces his fate.

I have designed various other characters from the Arthurian myth cycle and the “chargers” too! I’ll feature these when I’ve finished them.