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Pages from my sketchbook.

Planar Alchemist gear

I’m working on a few things right now (not paid work alas!);  one of which is a composition involving various monsters and a Planar Alchemist.  Here are a couple of pages (A5 and A3) of designs for the archaic re-breather and dimensional-hopping devices.  The device is partly based on the Antikythera mechanism; as an historical example of an ancient computer.


Here are the larger drawings:

Steampunk Sir Gawain

This a sketchbook page that I have finished to a higher standard than I normally do. It’s from my ongoing Steampunk King Arthur series that I started when I entered the Steampunk Myths competition at CG Society a couple of years ago. I realised I’d created far more than I needed to for the competition and I wanted to develop the ideas I’d come up with.

This one is Sir Gawain, the nephew of King Arthur before he rides off on his Charger to face the Green Knight. I have designed the belt given to him by the Green Knight’s wife before he faces his fate.

I have designed various other characters from the Arthurian myth cycle and the “chargers” too! I’ll feature these when I’ve finished them.