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Sunken World non-human races

Here are some ideas I’ve been working on for non-human races living in my Sunken World. (Apart from the giant manatee-like Tritons and the fish-men and Thulids.)

First we have a red gollum-like goblinoid. I’m not quite sure about these guys yet, they’ll need a bit of work before I’m happy with them. I think maybe as well as the horns on the top of their heads they could have extravagant hairstyles depending on their affiliations (scribes, messengers or technologists).

And then I have a humanoid pangolin or armadillo like race. These are based on ideas I did for a Warcraft 3 race which I animated in 3DSMax 4 many moons ago. I liked them and wanted to put them into one of my fantasy worlds.

Finally is a djinn or demonic fellow. I wanted to draw a different kind of race than your usual elves and dwarves (not that I mind them) and this guy seemed to fit. I’m not sure about his head (looks a bit too much like a Githyanki). I like the skull, very much like Zanbar Bone from Fighting Fantasy City Of Thieves (a great cover by Iain McCaig). The second version has a face based on a jade votive axe head from Mexico (a postcard of which I have from the British Museum).

Sunken World non-human races ideas