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Happy New Year!

Now while I redesign this blog a little and finish off my demon based comic strip I’m putting some previously unseen work that I recovered from my archives (mountains of paper and piles of sketchbooks).

OK some more old designs for Games Workshop’s Necrons, these are from about 2004 I think. I should date these things. Again I was a little disappointed with the un-alien nature of the C’Tan beings and was attempting to inject some more weirdness. I don’t think they quite worked so I shelved the idea.

Necron ideas 3

Necron ideas 4

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Steampunk Merlin and Nimue

Here are my digitally painted Steampunk versions of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, Nimue. I’ve imagined them to be scientists; where in the myths they’re magicians and sorceresses. So Merlin is a time-travelling and time-viewing Dr. Tesla type and Nimue is a scientist specializing in regenerative technologies working in her submarine, like Captain Nemo in The Nautilus. Excalibur, a giant steam-sword (its blade heated by a complex steam engine) shows she’s capable of weapon-making.

Steampunk Merlin and Nimue

Steampunk King Arthur

(I’ve finished the first panel of my demon comic but it needs to be seen as part of a whole page!)

This is one of the drawings I did for the Steampunk Myths competition as apart of my Steampunk King Arthur project.
I’ve painted over and under the original drawing to make it stand out more. Here I hadn’t yet thought of what Excalibur was going to be; you can see the final design on the drawings of Merlin and Nimue which I’ve started colouring in.

Steampunk King Arthur

More Sunken World non-humans

Here are two bounty hunter or mercenary characters I’ve been drawing on an off for years and I decided they’d fit nicely into the Sunken World environment. On the left is a race I’m currently calling Raktos; spikey-headed people with a sinister reputation for sorcery which is sometimes justified. The other is an Yrdin; a troglodytic race whose cavernous dwellings were flooded when the world was inundated with water from the invading Thulhids.

You can see my thought process from my earlier page where I’m doodling these old characters. I don’t think I’ll use the armadillo men this time but I may get back to the red goblins.

Updated 2012 with names derived from Jeremy Unitt’s ideas!

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Demon Designs 3

Here’s my idea for the Demon cavalry; rather than having demonic knights(I may design some later, reading that does sound cool!) I thought they should use centaur-like Demons.
I had to keep the image away from Games Workshop Dragon-Ogres and Zoats, and Blizzard’s Pit Lords or Diablo 3’s Siegebreaker Assault Beasts. So I had a look at the Terror Dogs from Ghostbusters, crossed them with alligators/crocodiles and with an image in my head of a huge monstrous beast charging into the lines of shiny-armoured, spear-wielding humans I think I got there!

This was done straight onto the computer again in Painter X.
Centaur demon

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Demon Designs 2

More demon designs, this time drawn directly onto the computer (I usually start with a physical sketch). These are the foot-soldiers; enthusiastic cannon fodder for the demon legions. All the troops start their existence as a larval demon (the correct rituals, feeding and sacrifices create different troop types).

My brother had the idea for the demon spawn; failed, malformed demons from who usually get eaten or very occasionally adopted as mascots. Somewhat like the wormy creatures that emerged from The Trapdoor (an old UK TV stop-motion cartoon show, have a look if you’ve not heard of it!).
Soldier demon designs

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