Colony 87 rides again

Last year, I sent this page to Karl at Crooked Dice Games as he’d asked for ideas for jetbikes and beasts with their riders. Following this he asked me to work up the guy on the dino-bird (amongst others) at the bottom left.

Here’s the refinment of the designs. I had a good look at ostrich riders in the middle east for the position of the rider and ostriches themselves. I based the riders’ hats a little on the late John Mollo’s costume designs for the Rebels on Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back (1977) and I looked at comics genius Alex Raymond’s Frigia Lancers (from his 1930’s comic Flash Gordon) for inspiration too.

John Mollo on Wikipedia

Alex Raymond on Wikipedia

I worked it up in Manga (Clip) Studio and Painter with a bit of Photoshop as well. The outrider has an option for hands without a his laser rifle (he’s whittling a Chirroc bird from a piece of wood) and there are a few alternative heads.

A link to the post on Crooked Dice Games’ facebook page:

Crooked Dice Games on facebook

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2 thoughts on “Colony 87 rides again”

  1. hello their i stumbled onto this website cause I love the art but I was wondering if you could make that lizard mount an official drawing I really like the design and if u wouldn’t mind I would like to further use it in one of my project this project won’t be public or anything this is just an at home I’m working on so don’t worry about it I wont take credit for something that isn’t mine.

    1. Hi devan. You may use the image if you like for personal use, but please be aware that there is a miniature being designed based on a newer image by me. Thanks for looking at my website! These designs are all copyright Will Beck Illustration and Crooked Dice Games.

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