Star Wars Sith ideas

Another image I previously posted on my Facebook page  Will Beck Illustration.

Devaronian Sith Juggernaut
Devaronian Sith Juggernaut

Here are some of my quite old sketches for SF bad guys, possibly Star Wars Sith or for some other universe. I think I drew these in 2003 while my brother and I were playing Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic on his PC.

More designs from 2004 (when we were playing the sequel!). I’ve found that Sith are easier to draw than Jedi, getting a truly evil cyborg samurai look is good fun. Though I should attempt to depict a Jedi some time soon!

And here was a quick page from late 2014. These are probably Sith from the time of the Old Republic when there seemed to be way more than two of them.

The huge Sith came from the reading about the visual inspiration for the Jedi and Sith and the Japanese-style robes they wear. So then I thought, why hasn’t a Sumo Jedi or Sith been done in the films or the Clone Wars series? (I can’t be sure of the comics or novels!)
I started by searching for photo reference and also woodblock prints by 18th/19th century Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi whose art I first saw when I was at Art College. Wikipedia entry for Utagawa Kuniyoshi
I imagined this Sumo-build warrior would be a bulky but fast moving Sith whose physical size was intimidating even before you saw his dark side powers. This got me looking at Japanese Ogre’s Wikipedia entry for Japanese Ogres and I thought a hulking Devaronian steeped in the Dark side of the force might be a cool idea.
For those of you who don’t know what the heck a Devaronian is (and why should you?) look here: Devaronian on Wookieepedia

This is all fan art, and not intended to breach Disney’s copyright.

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