More Sunken World non-humans

Here are two bounty hunter or mercenary characters I’ve been drawing on an off for years and I decided they’d fit nicely into the Sunken World environment. On the left is a race I’m currently calling Raktos; spikey-headed people with a sinister reputation for sorcery which is sometimes justified. The other is an Yrdin; a troglodytic race whose cavernous dwellings were flooded when the world was inundated with water from the invading Thulhids.

You can see my thought process from my earlier page where I’m doodling these old characters. I don’t think I’ll use the armadillo men this time but I may get back to the red goblins.

Updated 2012 with names derived from Jeremy Unitt’s ideas!

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One thought on “More Sunken World non-humans”

  1. OH! I wanna see if I can name them! 😀

    So tell me what you think.

    – Golden skinned race “Djinn” –

    Named the Atraktos, greek for spindle, because when you mentioned spike and sorcery, I thought of the Spinning Wheel and spindle, a symbol associated with sorcery and witchcraft with the idea it wove fate.

    – White skinned cave dwellers “Morlocks” –

    Named the Eurydin, based off of the name Eurydice/Eurycea, used to designate the genus of blind cave salamanders. Can also apply to the Eurydice myth in some way, the wife of Orpheus that had to remain in the underworld…

    😀 How bout it?

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