Demon Designs 3

Here’s my idea for the Demon cavalry; rather than having demonic knights(I may design some later, reading that does sound cool!) I thought they should use centaur-like Demons.
I had to keep the image away from Games Workshop Dragon-Ogres and Zoats, and Blizzard’s Pit Lords or Diablo 3’s Siegebreaker Assault Beasts. So I had a look at the Terror Dogs from Ghostbusters, crossed them with alligators/crocodiles and with an image in my head of a huge monstrous beast charging into the lines of shiny-armoured, spear-wielding humans I think I got there!

This was done straight onto the computer again in Painter X.
Centaur demon

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2 thoughts on “Demon Designs 3”

  1. …This is not a faction to declare war against. This is an incredible piece! 😀

    And technically Zoats don’t exist, so I’d guess you’d be good there…

    Overall, I love these demon designs! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Zoats SHOULD exist again, in a more feasible way than an unsupported book…. but I digress

    I like this guy. Reminds me of a Paladin I had that ended up binding a Giant Rhino as his mount

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